Learn the world's first and only technique for verbal communication -
the Hudson Voice Technique.

Now is your chance to become a professional speaker, just like your favourite voiceover, newsreader or actor!

Taught to the BBC, Oxford University, the Singapore Media Academy and many more.

A welcome word from Rakesh Jagtiani, Regional Director

Voicemaster India

Raghavendra Ashok and his thoughts
about the Hudson Voice Technique Course.

Voicemaster International has been nominated for the UK Enterprise Awards 2017

"The course was transformational!
After 15 years of working in sales and marketing, I found your technique 
really made me re-analyse and correct basic speech patterns!

Meera Kumar, India

Taught in 77 countries to people from all walks of life.

All our courses are based on the Hudson Voice Technique and guaranteed!

I think you would agree that newsreaders and actors are amongst the best presenters in the world.
The reason for this is simple; they have been trained in a professional communication technique.

Surprisingly, no-one in the UK, USA or India has ever been taught a communication technique at school, because there wasn't one. We were simply taught to string words together.

Voicemaster International created the world’s only professional technique for verbal communication which is why it is taught to BBC, SKY, Bloomberg UTV in India, TV3 and 8TV in Malaysia, the Singapore Media Academy and other broadcasters.

It has also been taught to many international corporations such as ING Bank, The Aditya Birla Group (Fortune 500), BT and many more.

If you speak a second language, then you need to learn the Hudson Voice Technique.

It will reduce your accent and you will sound more confident.
It will improve your chances at a job interview and you'll have more success when giving a presentation.

Instinct versus Technique

Without a technique, you have to rely on your ‘instinct’

Here’s the Oxford Dictionary description:

instinct /in'stingkt'/ The innate aspect of behaviour that is unlearned.
In other words, 'guessing'. It may be an educated guess, but a guess nonetheless!

On the other hand, it describes technique /tek-neek/ as follows:
A set of specific rules which determine the degree of excellence.

The degree of skill or command of fundamentals exhibited in any performance.

The Hudson Voice Technique puts you fully in charge of your voice and the way you deliver words!

The 7 elements of the Hudson Voice Technique will help you overcome your nerves
when giving a presention and gives you
confidence in front of an audience or microphone.

If you sound more confident,
your audience will have more confidence in you and what you say!


"Good Stuff!!
The sessions helped me realize what I needed to do to make my voice sound more effective. Not that I didn't know it was already there, but the step-by-step process brought an awareness of how to breathe properly, pause effectively and do all the little things that will make me better at communicating in the the future. Thanks Voice Master!"

Rouhan Sharma, former Principal Correspondent, Bloomberg UTV

Jaideep PathadeThis technique is a must for every voice enthusiast, who want to reach a professional level, either for Public Speaking, Radio, Television or Films.

Speaking in front of a microphone is different. The course trains you how to read out from any script from start to finish, in a refined way with modulation, pauses, including the finer nuances.

This course is absolutely essential for a confident performance. A world-class course that takes care you give a brilliant performance – every time! 

Jaideep Pathade, voiceover artist, Pune

You know what to say, we teach you how to say it!