Have you been told you have a good voice?

That's a lovely compliment, but a good voice alone is not good enough.

Steve Hudson, voiceover artist in studio
Steve Hudson

You see, when I started out in the voiceover business, I was asked to do a recording for Dunlop; because they liked my voice.

So...off I went into a studio in Soho, London to record the script. Really, I didn't know a microphone from a doorknob!

Needless to say, the recording was terrible. They thanked me for my efforts, but chose someone else for the job.

But, because I realised I might be able to earn some cash with voiceovers, I decided to go to the National Theatre in London to learn some techniques.

This is where I was trained by one of the most revered teachers; Kate Fleming, who also taught Laurence Olivier, Richard Burton and many other famous actors. That was the beginning of my adventure in the world of voiceover.

However, even the training at the National Theatre didn't involve a technique specifically designed for the art of voiceover, so based on what I had learned, I created and developed the Hudson Voice Technique.


During the next few years, I recorded thousands of voiceovers for radio and television, becoming one of the world's leading  voiceovers, recording for many brands such as Martini, Old Spice, Carlsberg Tetley, Mitsubishi, Kodak, the National Lottery and many, many more.

At one time, I was the voice for seven different products on television commercials in seven different countries! A watch in Germany, milk in Switzerland, a hotel in Sweden, a car in Japan, wine in America, radio announcements in South Africa and a Spanish Lottery.

All in English of course!

Why do you need the Hudson Voice Technique?

It’s like this: if you want to become a professional pianist, opera singer or tennis player, you would need to learn a technique.

Of course, we can all talk to our friends and even have fun in front of a microphone, but remember, without a technique, you have to rely on your instinct and that means you're guessing. It may be an educated guess, but a guess nonetheless!

If you want to be a voiceover,  you have to learn how to deliver a voiceover script to a professional standard.

The Hudson Voice Technique will do just that. We teach you now to control the tone, pace, pitch and level of your voice and of course how to interpret voiceover scripts so you give a top notch performance.

Gain full control of your voice and they way you deliver words.


Does it work?

Just listen to Raghavendra, Jeena and Sushil.

None of them had any experience and were a little nervous when we asked them to record some scripts before they started the course. After four hours training, they recorded the same scripts again. You can hear the amazing difference the technique has made in just four hours, and they haven't even had a chance to practise!

We were delighted with their progress because English is of course their second language!


Was it the right choice?

As a beginner one can only gauge satisfaction as a feeling of, ‘Was my money well spent?’ The answer was definitely yes! Any success? From being a total beginner, in the last twelve months I have completed a 13-part music series as a presenter for Sony TV, and there is also talk of a second series. 

From that I was put in touch with a production company filming a travel show, and I have recently finished filming on location in South America. I am now supported by a reputable agent (recommended by Steve). It is reassuring to know that Steve’s experience and quality advice is available at the end of a phone line. 

Would I recommend it? Yes, without a doubt.” 

Ranj Nagra – Manchester