Meet the team

Steve Hudson, CEO, Voicemaster India

Steve Hudson
CEO & creator of the Hudson Voice Technique.

Steve started with 3M Company and Xerox (London and Washington DC) as International Communications Trainer. Working in Washington, he trained politicians and became Communication Consultant for members of the Senate and many of the Fortune 500 companies. He soon realised that most salesmen and politicians were well trained in product knowledge, but many of them were poor communicators. It was obvious they needed a technique to be more positive and persuasive.

In order to find out more about using the voice professionally, he decided to train at the Royal National Theatre in London to become an actor.

During the next few years, he became a successful international voiceover, recording Fuji, Mitsubishi,  Guinness, Gallo Wine, Old Spice, Martini, Superman and many others. He came close to real stardom when Cubby Broccoli was casting for the lead role in James Bond movies; Steve said he lost by an eyebrow (and a few million pounds) to Roger Moore.

Steve Hudson has won a number of awards for production and performance, including Best Radio commercial at the Hollywood Radio and Television Society for ‘Sound International’.

Rakesh Jagtiani, director, voicemaster india

Rakesh Jagtiani, Founder and Director of Voiceline
Regional Director & Trainer in Delhi.

Some 7 years ago, Rakesh joined our team of trainers and now runs classes in the Delhi area.

Rakesh has worn many hats - that of a salesmen, a garment professional,
a photo studio owner and a few more before finding his niche that of a voice

He has lent his voice for numerous projects, both national and international, for
documentaries, promos, ads, plays and e learning. He worked for BEL, Wipro, ING Vyasa, Asian Paints, Coca Cola and many more.

What he loves even more  however is teaching people to improve their speaking skills. He has
successfully trained people from all walks of life over the last few years - teachers,
actors, executives, students and those who want to be professional voice overs.

In his spare time Rakesh is a photographer too!

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Uma, Head of Administration, voicemaster india

Uma Sharma, Head of administration, Voiceline

Uma is Rakesh's right hand 'man' and has many years of experience in administration , marketing and finance.

She is also the hands-on expert on all things electronic and computer related.

Uma has been associated with Voiceline for many years and arranges various training programme schedules and future planning.