CPD Training for Lawyers

If you want to be successful, become the craftsman of your words,
for, in the hands of a man who knows how to use them well,
words are the most powerful tools of all.

Ancient Egyptian philosophy


I have been a practitioner at the Indian Bar, with over two decades of very varied experience of litigation, in the Higher Courts in India.

Your training is invaluable to the career of  any budding lawyer or even a senior lawyer. 

We seldom realise that we have for years been speaking with incorrect technique and much lesser impact than we are capable of. It is only after doing your course, that one realises the frequent mistakes one makes with the speed of speaking, placing emphasis in the wrong place and inappropriate intonation.

Your course helps one realise the potential of one's own voice and speaking style. After doing your course, I realised the potential increase in impact I could make on my audience in court or elsewhere.

Sumeet Pushkarna


Newsreaders are probably amongst the best presenters in the world. This is because they have been trained in a professional technique.

Lawyers of all people have to be able to get their message across as clearly and effectively as possible. Whether it's persuading judge and jury or making sure clients or the press get your message. The way you come across is critical in your job. There is usually a lot at stake.

For the first time, our unique training programme is available for those in the legal profession.

Our customised course will give you the tools you need to become a more powerful, engaging and persuasive communicator - the result - the listener will have more confidence in you and what you say.