Corporate Communication Skills Training

Also available via Skype 1474222558_skype_circle_color

(apart from Total Staff Training)



Total Staff Training with Rakesh in Delhi or Yasmin in Pune

Up to 25 participants

This is an entirely new concept in verbal communication skills training.

Total Staff Training enables us to train larger groups. We guarantee participants will be significantly more confident and persuasive and will come away with new skills they can use immediately.

Training larger groups is more economical and it's time saving - most of the practising is done at home.

(approx. 20 minutes a day for 7 days)

〉Before attending the presentation, participants will be sent three scripts to read and record at home.
〉We ask everyone to send these recordings to Voice Master International via email.

Day 1:


〉Explanation of the importance of professional communication, exactly what participants can achieve and what will be expected of them.

〉The 7 elements of the Hudson Voice Technique will be explained.


〉All participants are given access to the Online Video Course for Lawyers

〉Practise all 7 elements of the course for 7 days (20 minutes a day)

〉Record scripts for assessment and send to Voice Master International


〉All participants have sent their 'After' recordings to Voice Master International

〉Assessment by Steve Hudson, either via E-mail or Skype

〉An evaluation report will be sent to senior management.

〉Participants will receive their Voice Master Certificate of Completion

〉All staff are welcome to contact us at any time for help or advice.

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