Can Call Centres Survive?

Not without the right training. 

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Call centre operators are a vital part of a successful business, the nerve centre for future success. Their communication skills can make or break your reputation.

They have to tell their story better than your competition tell theirs. This means learning a communication technique.

The Hudson Voice Technique is the only communication skills course in the world which guarantees to improve accents and make people speak more clearly and sound more persuasive.

Why the Hudson Voice Technique?

Just watch this video and see how it helped Raghavendra.

Before and After

Listen to the amazing difference
the Hudson Voice Technique makes
in just a few hours.




Slow down, improve your accent and gain confidence!

Call centre operators are vitally important to business

Because quite often they are the only contact with existing or potential customers.

Most call centre operators speak in a second language because they are talking to customers in other countries, so it is not fair to expect them to communicate with as much fluency, especially when they’ve been on the phone all day. It's a tough job and needs the very best training.

There are 171 communication training companies in India. They are paid a fortune, but not one of them offer a technique (set of rules), so it's largely a waste of money.

Regardless of political correctness, what is the point of having an operator who has a strong accent, talks too fast and is therefore difficult to understand?



Several large companies are pulling their call centres out of India and relocating to America and the UK. British Telecom and other major companies have spent millions of pounds setting up their call centres in India and now they are spending yet more millions to uproot them and return to the UK and America.


The reason for this dramatic move is that there have been thousands of complaints about call centre operators;

mainly that they talk too fast and have a strong accent which is not helped by the long distance call.

The problem is that none of us - in India, the UK or America were taught a communication technique at school, we were simply taught to string words together. This means we have to rely on our instinct:

Here’s the Oxford Dictionary description:

instinct /in'stingkt'/ The innate aspect of behaviour that is unlearned.

In other words, 'guessing'.
It may be an educated guess, but a guess nonetheless!



Imagine if your staff could communicate as effectively as BBC or Bloomberg UTV newsreaders.

Newscasters and reporters all over the world are considered to be amongst the best communicators.

That’s because they were trained professionally.

The Hudson Voice Technique is taught to BBC, Bloomberg UTV and many other broadcasters.
It is the world’s only technique for effective verbal communication.

So instead of having to rely on instinct; we will give your staff a technique.

Oxford Dictionary:

technique /tek-neek/ as follows:

A set of specific rules which determine the degree of excellence.

The degree of skill or command of fundamentals exhibited in any performance.

Voicemaster International have developed a new method of training specifically designed for call centres.

When someone sings out of tune, it sounds terrible. It’s no different when you speak. You have to speak in tune to make your message come across in the right way.

The voice is like a musical instrument and you can learn how to ‘play it’.

The Hudson Voice Technique is a set of rules which will make the operator sound clearer and more confident.

It is a life skill and guaranteed.

No other training company in the world can offer to train your staff in a verbal communication technique.

They all tell you what to say, Voicemaster India teaches you how to say it.




Based on the Hudson Voice Technique, Voicemaster India can now train up to 25 participants at one time. The initial session will take no more than 2 hours, saving valuable time and money.

That’s because this training programme includes a number of lessons participants will do in their own time, at home with our unique online video course.

Call Centre Training in Delhi.

Rakesh Jagtiani, Regional Director, Voicemaster India

Rakesh Jagtiani offers our unique training programme for call centres in New Delhi.
Based on the Hudson Voice Technique, staff will learn how to control the tone, pace and pitch of their voice and how to take control of the script they need to deliver.


Next to the existing training your staff already receive, this course will be the icing on the cake!

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